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Typed Properties in DomUI are classes that are generated automatically, using an Annotations Processor, much like the JPA Static Metamodel - but for any Java class that exposes getters and setters.

Once configured you can address properties in code not by a String, like "definition.code", but as a fully typed and compile-time checked path like Fact_.definition().code(). You can create typed properties for any class, not just for database classes. And because the properties are fully typed the code using Typed Properties alsoknows what is the type of a property - allowing the compiler yet again to check more at compile time.

Most DomUI code that works/accepts properties accepts both the "old" String variants but also the typed properties. And there is an IntelliJ Idea plugin which automatically replaces String references to properties to the equivalent typed properties.

Why typed properties?

One of the banes of Java is the abomination we call properties: the sad convention that gives us getters, setters and strings to access them. Using strings to access properties is a disaster because with one fell sweep all that work that the compiler does to check everything is useless: using a string means all errors will occur at runtime. And forget about refactoring: renaming properties is an exercise in frustration as even with the high level of support for refactoring in IDE's property references in strings will still bring your code down.


You also need to use at least the following versions of the build plugins specified in your parent/top pom:

plexus-compiler-eclipse2.8.4Only when you build your code in Maven using the Eclipse plugin, see this stackoverflow article for details


One warning: if you use the Eclipse compiler to compile your code in Maven then you need to make sure that you use at least version 2.8.4 of the plexus-compiler-eclipse plugin (to be released) because any version before that does not support annotation processors.