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The new Tree2 component is a rewrite of the now deprecated Tree component. It uses mostly the same interface but is rewritten with cleaner code and renders without using tables.



The FileUpload component moved to legacy. Two new components, FileUpload2 and FileUploadMultiple replace the thing.

The FileUpload2 component's constructor has changed:

  • The old constructor FileUpload(int maxfiles, String allowedExtensions) has been removed because it was completely unclear what allowedExtensions was supposed to hold.
  • The new constructor FileUpload(int maxfiles, List<String> allowedExtensions) is its replacement, and each element in the list is an extension (either with or without starting .) or a mime type.
  • The new constructor FileUpload(String... allowedExtensions) represents the most common use case: uploading a single file, and specifying a list of extensions.

The FileUpload FileUpload2 now uses the "accept=" attribute on the input tag to have the browser filter the files to choose from to the ones actually accepted.

The value type for FileUpload2 is UploadItem, for FileUploadMultiple it is List<UploadItem>. This properly represents their data type.

LookupInput and LookupInput2