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The RowRenderer allows the user to change column widths by dragging the side of the column to another position. DomUI uses the a mostly rewritten version of the jQuery extension colResizable (version 1.6) for this.

Column resizing is controlled by the resizeMode property on the data table which can have the following values:

NONEColumn resizing is disabled
FIXEDThe total width of the table never changes; resizing column X will work by changing the width of column X+1

Column resizing is totally "free": resizing column X by dx pixels means that the table's width changes with dx pixels, possibly causing overflow of the table in its container.

This is the default mode.


When the user changes a column width DomUI calls a server callback so that the column size change can be saved if that is wanted. Column width change events can be received by adding a listener to the row renderer as follows: