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We also have another issue: to actually make use of Bulma almost all components must somehow "know" of it: some controls might need to render a different HTML structure (like FormBuilder, because Bulma uses different methods to render a tabular like form). More problematic still are the classes used: to style the components add class names to all important constructs so that those can be addressed to style them. How do we change those classes to bulma classes? This also needs to be done depending on the stylesheet used as existing stylesheets all use DomUI's classes. A naive solution would be to give each component a separate "rendering" part which is separate from its Java "interface" part, i.e. a Text control would be a Java part only implementing its Java side of behavior (properties, listeners et al) and  another class, created through some factory that changes when the stylesheet changes. This rendering class then renders the actual DomUI structures for the control. While possible this adds a huge amount of overhead in both coding and rendering.

I also thought about using some SCSS/SASS magic to let the existing ".ui-xxx" classes "extend" Bulma classes where possible. But I think this quickly dies...

TODO: Look at Vaadin and see how they handle this.

What IS nice about Bulma is some of the general concepts:

  • Using semantic styling like "is-error", "is-primary".
  • Using global style modifiers for things like combining elements
  • Using flex and/or grid layout to handle responsiveness better.

It might be a good plan to steal the concepts instead of just using the framework?