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  • Bulma is built using sass syntax. This is not directly supported by DomUI (it uses the scss syntax) so I included the css files instead.There appear to be no Java sass compilers that support sass format- only scss is supported. I implemented both vaadin-sass-compiler and jsass but both fail to load Bulma. So I converted Bulma to scss using sass-convert.

Styling issues

General look


This might also mean that there is more foolishness than this around. It means that including Bulma fscks up everything else: it's an all or nothing affair.

Reset sheet

The above was caused by minireset.scss, so I removed everything from there.


  • Buttons only work nice when used with font related icons. Buttons with an image inside render badly:
    Image Modified
  • To fix, add "icon" class to the image tag. This aligns the buttons correctly, but scales the icon images to 1.5em which for images makes them ugly.
  • The colors used in button specification kind of suck. "is-white"?
  • Buttons have no "focus" indication apparently, so it is not possible to see what button is currently selected.

Input controls

Input controls are defined as width: 100%, which results in a screen like this: