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  • Bulma is built using sass syntax. This is not directly supported by DomUI (it uses the scss syntax) so I included the css files instead.

Styling issues

General look

The overall look of Bulma seems.... busy and flat. It uses lots of primary colors, no gradients, big colorful borders around input... Things are also quite big. I think having a business application rendered with Bulma will be considered nice at the start but very tiring after use. It definitely needs a more subdued look, but looking at the available themes the idea seems not to have dawned on others yet.

H1..H6 tags are unstyled

All Hn tags have no style at all; Bulma tells us to use its classes to define headers instead. This is plain dumb: there is simply no reason to break rendering of these tags just because you have another idea. It should be fixed by having the Hn tags expose the same styles using class='title is-2'. Or alternatively wrap the thing in a class="content". See the silliness in or even worse: The author does not get an important point: his framework is there to help others. Removing all styles everywhere is not helping, it's vandalism.