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The new Text2<T> component replaces the Text<T> component. All DomUI components that before used/created Text<T> components now use Text2<> instead.

The Text2<> component has mostly the same Java interface as the Text<> component, with the following exceptions:

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The biggest difference is in the rendering of the component. The Text component itself was an input tag, so it always rendered as an <input> tag. This caused several issues.

The new Text2 component renders as the following structure:

<div id="_H1" testid="t23" title="TestID: t23" class="ui-txt2 ui-input-err">
    <table id="_K3" class="ui-txt2-tbl">
        <tbody id="_L3">
        <tr id="_M3">
            <td id="_N3" class="ui-txt2-in"><input id="_O3" name="_O3" type="text" size="40" value=""></td>
            <td id="_P3" class="ui-txt2-btn">
                <button id="_Q3" class="ui-sib" onclick="return WebUI.clicked(this, '_Q3', event)" type="button"><span id="_T3" class="ui-sib-icon fa fa-file"></span></button>
            <td id="_R3" class="ui-txt2-btn">
                <button id="_S3" class="ui-sib" onclick="return WebUI.clicked(this, '_S3', event)" type="button"><img id="_U3" src="$THEME/winter/default/default/default/btnEdit.png" border="0">

This example shows as follows on the page (in error state, as in the example):

The component is wrapped inside a div with inline-block, this div contains a table with one cell for the input, and optionally other cells that can contain buttons.

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